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Supperplan helps you planning your week menu and gets your shopping list done.

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1- Store your recipes

Store your recipes with their ingredients for those meals you prepare yourself, or store recipes with no ingredients and mark them as take-away so they can be part of your plans as well.

Storing your recipes is what takes more time from you. That's why you get 3 months of free trial. So you can take your time to store your recipes as you plan your weeks with Supperplan. There is no credit card required for the trial.

2- Plan your week menu

Before shopping get into Supperplan and view your recipes to decide what's on the menu for the next days. If you plan to eat the same thing two days you can mark it as reusable and it will not be added twice in your shopping list.

Sort them in various ways to help you decide what recipes you will pick.

You can select several days or just one if you wish.
At home we plan from Saturday to Friday...

3- Get your shopping list

After your plan is saved your shopping list contains all the ingredients you need to make the recipes you picked. You can print the list or send it by email to yourself, or to any other person that shares Supperplan with you.

Here's what we do:

When we get the list done we send it by email and head to the kitchen. Then on our mobile we click on the green button for each ingredient we already have at home. After that we use the Print button to get a paper copy that contains only the things we need to buy, then we head to our local grocery with it.

Well we also cut the top part of the paper copy, and put it on the fridge door to have the menus visible at home for reference.

Printing over wify depends on your device model capabilities.

4- Use your shopping list

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As an alternative to the paper copy you can do it all on your mobile. Use the green buttons as you buy the ingredients at the store. You can bring back ingredients into the list in case you accidentaly remove any.

The list is saved as you mark the ingredients, so the current status of the ingredients is visible from any other devices anytime.

This screen to mark the ingredients works right on your mobile browser. No need to install anything new on your device.

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If you are like us and cook your own meals you will like it. Absolutely easy to use. No more writing long shopping lists. Deciding the menus is easier when you can see the recipe names.

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