Why did you make Supperplan?

As a normal family we also need to make our shopping and prepare our meals. We got tired of asking the eternal question 'What do we eat today? And tomorrow?' It happens to be so that I know about software development, and my wife about communication. So we created Supperplan, we use it and it is good for us. So we thought that it could also be good for you.

Can you import recipes from the web?

Well at some point we might allow importing recipes from any web page. But it would be dangerous, since we can polute our recipes listing with lots of useless recipes we don't really do, or do once just to try them out. We want Supperplan to be super easy and super simple. And most important, real, really for the meals you prepare in your normal life. It takes two minutes to add a new recipe you normally do.

Can you add images and intructions to recipes?

We are working on it. Soon you will be able to do that. Though we know how to prepare our meals and how they look, that will be usefull because at the same time we will allow you to share your recipes with other people.

Is there a mobile app for Supperplan?

Not at this point. The first step is to make the web based version of Supperplan fully usable from your mobile browser. It almost is, other than the planner and we will do it. After that a mobile application might be released if enough people require it.

Why should I choose Supperplan and not one of your competitors?

For what we have seen we have the easiest to use menu planner. If you enter Supperplan you will find you way in minutes and not wonder about how things are done. Remember that we use Supperplan ourselves during our real life.

How many users can share a Supperplan account?

Well the limit right now is 10, but if you need more just let us know and we will raise that limit for you. If you really need more...

I have a question, how can I contact you?

Please write us an email to [email protected], we will be happy to help you.